January 2023
Radio Press Review
Interviews with Elisabetta Armiato for the launch of Bravo! App

January 2023
Paper press review
Releases Magazine Launch Bravo! App

December 2022
Press Release Launch of Bravo! App
“Great Artists with your child to play and learn”

June 2022
Moige Award
Award for Educational Programs Wins BRAVO! of Masters of Art for childhood

Launch of the BRAVO! Film Series Free on Mediaset Infinity

December 2021
Press Release
THINKING Beyond Foundation Launch of the Bravo! Film Series on Mediaset Infinity Kids

October 2021
VIVO Events Back To School
Masters of Art for Childhood Digital Education

September 2021
Presentation Contents Film Series Masters of Art for Childhood Digital Education

June 2021
I LIVE Culture Interview
President Elisabetta Armiato

May 2021
Introduction of the exclusive Piemont release of Masters of Art Films for Childhood

November 2020
Masters of Art Course for Teachers

Course “The Charisma. The Art of Teaching”
in collaboration with the Municipality of Olgiate Molgora

November 2020
Home and Elegance
Special on Elisabetta Armiato President of THINKING Beyond

November 2020
Identity culture Magazin
THINKING Beyond the Times of the Web

June 2020
Radio Italia TV
THINKING BEYOND presents Masters of the Arts for “The Time of New Heroes” by Oscar di Montigny.

January 2020
THINKING beyond the Don Gnocchi Institute

December 2019
Milan San Vittore
Elisabetta Armiato presents the Prima della Scala

December 2019
Milano San Vittore
Elisabetta Armiato presents “Tosca” to the prisoners

December 2019
Senate of the Republic Senate
“Con Il Sole Sul Viso” Award to Elisabetta Armiato President of the Foundation

November 2019
Press release
Events Launch Masters of Art for Childhood – Press

November 2019
Press release
World Children’s Day – Senate of the Republic – Rome

November 2019
Press release
Salon of Masters of Art for Childhood – Teatro San Babila – Milan