Institutional Conference at the Italian Republic Senate

November 20th, 2019Institutional Conference at the Italian Republic Senate

A new educational paradigm was presented to the Senate on November 20th, the world day of childhood and adolescence.

On November 20th the cultural foundation PENSARE oltre  officially presented, on the premises of the Italian Republic Senate, at Sala Nassirya at 12 pm, the new educational paradigm of Masters of Art for Childhood.

Elisabetta Armiato, past étoile of La Scala Theatre in Milan and current President of the non profit association, after twelve years of work has established the cultural foundation PENSARE oltre with one mission: a new educational paradigm for a new Renaissance.

The objective is to enhance the uniqueness and talents of each child by providing them, starting in early childhood, with powerful educational, didactic and cultural tools.

In 2017 PENSARE oltre launched the development of Masters of Art for Childhood, a two-year program culminating in a program in which 55 children ages three, four, and five practiced the fundamentals of the arts in a large theater in the San Babila Theatre of Milan and at Chiamamilano, a municipal space run by Massimo and Milly Moratti./p>

Taking inspiration from the artist studios of the Renaissance, whose artistic and cultural legacy has influenced the world, Masters of Art for Childhood is an educational path whereby great masters of the arts convey their knowledge to children through collaboration, to discover and develop their talents.

“Since childhood I have lived a  life immersed in art, once I joined the Ballet School of Teatro La Scala. My educational experience has given me the sense of beauty which is at the centre of my life and at the source of my success,” the President of PENSARE oltre told us.

This project, born from the analysis of the problems related to school and the quality of education, succeeds by building an effective educational bridge between the adult and the child, through the experience of beauty.

“Education in early childhood, in the model proposed by Masters of Art for Childhood, recognizes that imagination and creativity are the main engines in the development of the child,” says Armiato, “and this allows them to dream about the future they wish to have by giving them a right to discover their talents as protagonists, not as spectators.”

Writer and teacher Gabriella Landini Saba has written the book Masters of Art for Childhood, which expounds this new educational paradigm; it promotes innovation of all practices in the field of the child formation with the aim of recognizing, exploring and building their individual talents.

Not only does the foundation place a special attention on the child, but also on the family, the essential core of a society that looks toward the future.

During the conference the Foundation also presented the short practical handbook dedicated to parents, written by Luisa Piarulli, professor of Education and Formation Science.

The Art of Being a Parent is a small manual specifically addressed to the parents who accompany their children in their first school experience,”  Piarulli states,  “and offers simple answers to the thousands of questions from parents.”

The author goes on to say that being parent is perhaps life’s the most difficult job, and for this reason it becomes an art. Moreover, giving a mutual hand to one another is very important.

Beside presentation of the two new publications, the foundation also screened the short documentary film of Masters of Art for Childhood. Directed by Agnese Caffi, with the original soundtrack of Roberto Frattini, it tells of the extraordinary artistic and formative experience lived by the children of Milan in the last school year.

Media Relations – Luca Forlani