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A new educational paradigm for a new Renaissance

Who we are

A non-profit, secular organization which operates exclusively due to the support of individuals, companies and institutions.
We collaborate with leading representatives of art and culture, with experienced practitioners of education, philosophy, science, medicine, and with enlightened entrepreneurs and philanthropists.

What we do

In the tradition of Renaissance, we inspire the culture and the world.
We have conceived and developed Masters of Art for Childhood, a new educational paradigm to improve the experience and school results for today’s children, our future civilization.

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Join us

We are dedicated to improving educational experiences and results to bring about a new Renaissance.
If you are creative and dynamic, and want to be a protagonist for a new civilization, join us and be a volunteer in an extraordinary team.

Support the Foundation

We organize briefings for parents, workshops for children, and conferences and masterclasses for educators and administrators. We create publications and training videos.

Support our activities for a new educational culture.

Metodo didattico Il gioco e l'apprendimento

The last event

December 7th, 2019

Elisabetta Armiato presents La Scala Theatre Premiere at San Vittore

November 20th, 2019

Institutional Conference at the Italian Republic Senate