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Cultural Foundation PENSARE oltre


A new educational paradigm for a new Renaissance

Who we are

A non-partisan and non-confessional Non-profit Cultural Foundation, based on participation.

The Cultural Foundation PENSARE oltre aims at inspiring individuals, institutions and companies to invest on a new education of children and formation of the new generations to build a better future for each individual and for the whole society.

The Foundation exclusively operates thanks to the support of private citizens, companies and institutions cooperating with prominent personalities of art, culture, education, philosophy, science, medicine and business.

In-depth studies and research of the Foundation on education and training have found that wrong didactic-pedagogic methods and wrong study methods are often the cause of the deterioration of the educational system, bringing about more learning and behavioral difficulties in children, adolescents, students.

What we do

In the tradition of Renaissance, taking inspiration from historical Botteghe d’Arte (art workshops), we have started Masters of Art, a New Educational Model, improving the learning experience and results in the education of children and the formation of the new generations: the Civilization of Tomorrow.

We have created an effective educational bridge through the experience of beauty.  Through enchantment the attention is born, arising curiosity and interest for learning in everyone.

The education and training through art doing, practicing its basics directly with artists, respecting each child’s pace and talents: this sets uniqueness, imagination and originality at the center of individual development, so allowing each child the right to be responsible for the future he wishes to have, living it as a protagonist rather than a spectator.

Educating through Art means starting a new Renaissance.

Educare con l'Arte Fondazione PENSARE oltre

Join us

We are dedicated to improving educational experiences and results to bring about a new Renaissance.
If you are creative and dynamic, and want to be a protagonist for a new civilization, join us and be a volunteer in an extraordinary team.

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We organize briefings for parents, workshops for children, and conferences and masterclasses for educators and administrators. We create publications and training videos.

Support our activities for a new educational culture.

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